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The new IPDA X  60 Day Bootcamp  teaches the same exact curriculum that each of our 1:1 clients have used to become consistent enough to receive world class funding from some of the most notable prop firms in the industry.  


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INCREASE Your Trading Success: Discover Exclusive Price Action Concepts with IPDA X!


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Our high level program is aimed at providing traders with highly advanced price action concepts and understandings that wont be found anywhere else. 

Unlike many other programs that only seeks to inform its traders with tons of information
IPDA X focuses on transforming all of our clients by actually having a definite chief aim which is to actually provide a systematic trading model that completely removes the guess work from trading. 

We belive that traders should learn in phases and hone in on one umbrella of concepts at a time. Our teachings go in the order of Framework, Context, and Time.

Traders are provided with a blueprint
and so much more to ensure that we properly facilitate understanding.

What is incorporated in this 60 day bootcamp?

  • 40+ Hours of Intense study and live lectures

    • 8 Master Lectures (Concept implementation)​

    • 8 Mid-week Q/A sessions (Student Refinement from Master Lecture) 

    • 4 Psychology workshops with certified IPDA X Trading Psyche coach

    • 4 Traders Professionalism workshops - (Metrics, Journaling, Goal setting & Data Collection) 

  • Weekly Outlooks 

  • Midweek Commentaries 

  • End of Week Commentaries 

  • Daily live market insights

  • Constant and thorough trade breakdowns 

  • Complete Trading Model Implementation

    • Forex​

    • Indices 


The 60 Day bootcamp is a world class trading program that honors the idea of the trader as a whole. We strive to display complete professionalism within this space by the way we approach our craft day in and day out. 

Students will walk into this program with various ideologies, frustrations and misconceptions about price however, it is guaranteed that they will leave with a complete and thorough understanding of algorithmic principle. 

We take you away from the constraints of randomness, subjectivity, and guess work and shift your paradigm into objectiveness built on sound logic and facts about how price is delivered. 

And most importantly, we teach you a system that combines all of the intricacies taught within our program and places them into a trading model that outlines every single step for you to follow such as:   


  1. What the certain characteristics are for a particular asset

  2. What you should be looking for specifically

  3. How it should form

  4. The time window that it should form in

  5. The EXACT entry model that we use to remove the guess work (Model X) 

  6. Filters that will tell you when NOT to engage.


Start date:  Sunday 08 October  2023

Time: Est / Pacific/ GMT/ Aus ( find your time here )

Where: Exclusive Telegram channel 


Our outcomes are self-explanatory

With the IPDAX monthly membership, traders gain access to a thriving community of like-minded individuals, enabling them to connect, share insights and grow together. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced trader, IPDAX caters to all levels, providing you with the tools and resources you need to achieve success. Join the IPDAX community today and elevate your trading experience to new heights.

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