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Tired of Being on the Wrong Side of the Market?.

Get Daily Market Insights & Pro Trader Strategies with IPDA X | INTERQO 


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  • Uncover Daily Market Bias: Learn where price is likely to move with our proven analysis.

  • Adopt Pro Trader Strategies: See how experienced traders think before, during, and after execution. 

  • Become a More Profitable Trader: Improve your decision-making and achieve consistent results. 

  • No More Missed Opportunities: Stay informed with live market updates and trade breakdowns.

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Inside the Exclusive Telegram Group:

  • Daily Market Outlooks: Recieve in depth insights and analysis helping you adopt proficient processes for framing market narrative.

  • Gain a proficient understanding for how to actually engage with significant pdarrays. 

  • Thorough thought processes provided before, during and after execution.

  • Live Session Updates: Stay informed throughout the trading day with live market updates from Chris and James.

  • Focus on Education (No Chat): This Telegram group prioritizes education only, so there's no chat function. This ensures a distraction-free zone where you can learn from our insights.

  • Pre and Midweek Outlook Videos: Go beyond daily updates with our bonus weekly video analysis covering various assets like Gold, Nasdaq, and EURUSD, providing even deeper market perspectives.


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