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Master the Market Like a Pro: Unlock the Secrets of Market Maker Models (Free Mastermind Vol. 3)

When: 9:00 am  |  Sunday 9 June 2024
Where: Via Zoom

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Market Maker Model Mastermind

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Do you feel lost trying to understand "market maker models"?

You're not alone. Countless traders struggle to grasp this concept, but its power is undeniable. IPDA X's FREE Mastermind Vol. 3 will crack the code and transform your trading forever.


  • Spotting market maker activity instantly with our easy-to-use mental frameworks. "Once you see it, you can't unsee it!"

  • Extracting hidden value from EVERY market, unlocking a universal trading advantage.

  • Joining thousands of students who've experienced a complete trading paradigm shift thanks to IPDA X's market maker model mastery.

IPDA X has a reputation for delivering:

  • No fluff, no BS. We provide the most thorough and actionable market maker model training available.

  • Proven results. We're a trusted name in helping traders achieve real success.

  • A commitment to you. Our goal is to empower as many traders as possible.



In Mastermind Vol. 3, you'll discover:

  • Simple, objective mental frameworks for identifying market maker activity.

  • Actionable strategies using Orderflow, Bias, IFVG, Power of Three, Stops to Imbalance, Liquidity Runs, and more.

  • The secrets of the Buy and Sell Sides of the Curve and the powerful PDA Matrix.

  • Unveiling the last phase of redistribution/accumulation for maximum profit potential.


Space is limited. Register now and gain the edge you deserve!

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