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From theory to proper application and profitability.


SMART MONEY MASTERY has helped hundreds of traders gain clarity and become profitable. 

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What You'll Learn in Smart Money Mastery

The Paradigm Shift into logic and delivery.

  • The Anatomy of a Dealing range

  • Phases of a high probability pricing sequence 

  • Market efficiency cycle 

  • Pricing and Repricing  

  • Institutional Order Flow - Intro 

  • The understanding of Balanced Price Ranges 

  • Fair value & Fair Market Value

  • The Change in State of delivery

IPDA Market Structure: The Blending of  Framework & Algorithmic Principle

  • The buy side of the curve

  • The sell side of the curve 

  • Institutional order flow - The expanded understanding 

  • Understanding the buy program and sell program as a fractal

  • Identifying where I am within a market cycle & how to engage

  • Blending the anatomy of a candle with the market maker profile 

  • Governing decisions through solidifying framework

  • How understanding OHLC and OLHC dynamic of a candles creation aids in proficient thinking 

  • Moving from “reactive” thinking & Seeing price through the lens of “response” to validate execution

Deeper Elements of Time: The true understanding to time delivering price

  • Revisiting killzones 

  • Using the relationship of each killzone for routine development

  • Unseen voids 

  • Time distortion

  • Blending Macros with other time elements 

  • 3h liquidity cycles 

  • Standard deviations and confluences with PD ARRAYS 

Closing the Gap of what I know and my bottom line result:

  • Trading plan development 

  • Elements to the NEW YORK OPEN professional 

  • Elements to the LONDON OPEN professional

  • Elements to the INDEX LUNCH Hour Professional 

  • Defining my stage, set up, pattern, time, entry model

Bias: Framing Direction by thinking in Systems based on Algorithmic Principle

The Refinement:

  • Putting all of the pieces together

  • Defining the blueprint 

  • Q/A clean up

  • The law of probability frames the Draw 

  • Using the dynamic of weekly range expansion to frame narrative

  • The opening price of each interval 

  • Proficiency in utilizing daily profiles to align with narrative and bias 

  • How to think of each Daily profile as fractal that creates the weekly profile 

  • Institutional order flow


Model X: When the Mastery of Framework becomes the inclusion that empowers context

  • ICT Foundations

  • Algorithmic Principles course

  • Trading in the midst of the cause

  • The one cracked code of algorithmic principle that cancels the need of market structure 

  • Balanced or Invalidated 

  • Order Block validation theory 

  • The objective nature found in Blending CSD, Market Fractals, and institutional order flow

Take your trading to the next level


Master Lectures

Master lectures where we dive into a thorough study of each piece of the curriculum leading to unraveling the entire trading plan.



Recorded Q/A Study Sessions

Mid-week Q/A calls  that help refine the understanding of the material from the master lecture. 



 Psychology Workshops

Students will join psychology workshops with our in-house NLP/Psyche Coach.



 Professionalism Workshops

"The Blue Print" is designed to help traders define their identity and develop professional trading habits such as  tracking and measure personal metrics.  


ICT Foundations and Algorithmic Principles course

Two courses to give you a solid foundation to understanding the foundations of ICT style trading. 


Who is this for?

This course is designed for smart money traders of all levels who are looking to bridge the gap between theory and practical application. Whether you're new to smart money concepts or have been struggling to implement them in your trading, this course can help you gain the clarity and understanding you need to succeed.

By providing a structured and efficient learning experience, the course equips you with the tools and knowledge to significantly increase your chances of achieving profitability in the markets.

Why should I learn from you?

I've cracked the code to consistent profitability after years of struggle, and I'm here to help you avoid the same challenges. My proven system and mentorship will save you time, money, and frustration.

Is it worth $499?

Absolutely! With over 20 students achieving prop firm funding after taking my course, the value far surpasses the $499 price tag. By learning from my experience and proven system, you'll save time, money, and frustration on your path to consistent profitability.

What is inlcuded?

You get access to our training program hosted in our exclusive telegram channel.

  • Master Lectures

  • Recorded Q/A Study Sessions

  • Psychology Workshops

  • Professionalism Workshops

  • BONUS: ICT Foundations and Algorithmic Principles course


Gain clarity and become profitable.

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